In-Game Open Ceremony Event

28 Nov 2022

Visual Novel RPG that keeps you up all night, 'BraveNine Story'

Hello. This is GM Lydia.

Here is a guide on in-game event and packages.

Please refer to the information below for details.

(Some of the screenshots on this post are in Korean currency. Please refer to the table for $ currency. Thank you for your understanding.)

Arines’s Book Club

"Welcome to Arines's Book Club! Let's go to the first page! Heh heh♥"

Join Arines’s Book Club and receive various rewards and bonuses!

  • Product details:

- Obtain Arines’s School Uniform Costume by joining Arines’s Book Club!

- Get 1000 diamonds immediately upon purchase.

- 30 Day Bonus - Daily Rewards:

1. Diamond*100

2. Gold*50,000

3. Sweep Ticket*10

- X3 Battle Speed & Sweep x 50 MAX

- Price: $ 6.99 USD


Event 1 – Launch Event Start Dash

Nov. 29 - Dec. 31 Receive up to 10,000 Diamonds for Daily Check-in.

  • Event participants: Nov. 29th - Dec. 31st Newly registered users

Event 2 – Elin’s Check-in

Check in all 7 Days and receive rewards!

Event 3 – First Purchase Reward

Make purchase of any product within 30 days of signing up and receive Elin Uniform Costume!

  • Event Period: Within 30 days of signing up

Event 4 – X 2 Diamond Charge Event

For all diamond charging products, get X2 Diamond Bonus for the First Purchase!


Package 1 – Story Pass

Clear stories in the Adventure Book to receive gifts.

Package 2 – Level-Up Pass 1

Level up your army to receive gifts.

- Army's level can be checked from the upper left corner in the lobby.

- Buy Special Pass to receive more rewards.

Package 3 – 7Day Pass

Receive gifts immediately upon purchase and acquire items daily for 7 days.

Package 4 – Newbie Care Package

Here is a package for newly registered captains!

  • 1 Purchase Limit per account

Thank you.