Guide on Coupon Usage

28 Nov 2022

Visual Novel RPG that keeps you up all night, 'BraveNine Story'!

Hello, this is GM Lydia.

Here is a guide on how to use a coupon.

Please refer to the information below for details.

β–  Coupon usage guide:


Step 1. Lobby > Tap on the [News] icon on the right side of the lobby.

Step 2. Tap [BraveNine Story Coupon] banner > Tap [Go to Coupon Page]

Step 3. Enter Army’s Name and coupon code from the coupon page > Click [Submit] > Receive reward from the in-game Mailbox

* Army’s Name is the user Nickname that can be found on the top left corner of the in-game lobby.

* Following steps are available only on AOS devices.

πŸ“ Go to Coupon Page


1. Go to BraveNine Story Official Website > Click on [Coupon Page] on the Menu bar.

πŸ“ Go to Coupon Page


β€» The same type of coupon can only be used once per account.

β€» Coupon rewards will be sent to the in-game Mailbox.

β€» Each coupon has an expiration date, so please check it before use.

β€» Coupons cannot be sold, traded or refunded.

During the coupon event, we will inform you about the event through BraveNine Story's official SNS.

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Thank you.