BraveNine Story 100th Day - Thank you all.

7 Mar 2023

Hello. This is BraveNine Story team.

Thank you all for your interest and support for BraveNine Story.

In addition, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our captains who participated in the Q&A event that was held to celebrate the 100th day more meaningfully.

A lot of thoughts came into our minds while reading each question and opinion.

A feeling of gratitude, a feeling of apology, a desire to do better...

We will meet your expectations step by step so that we can give back to your support and encouragement.

Questions posted during the event were answered in individual comments.

We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions below.

We will continue to work hard as a dev. team.

Let’s go! BraveNine Story!

<BraveNine Story 100th Day Anniversary Q&A Event Answers>

Q: What is the distinction or intention of BraveNine Story? I don't think there's anything difference from Brave Nine!

A: ‘BraveNine Story’ aims to be a ‘Strategic RPG that can be enjoyed as lightly as reading webtoons or web novels. Our dev team aims to inform more users of the fun of the original Brave Nine. To do so, we tried to remove the parts that were considered entry barriers in the original work. However, we fully understand that you may feel that there is no difference from the original work because the battle and character design, which were strengths of the original work, were used as they were.

‘BraveNine Story’ aims to reduce fatigue contents and focus on characters and stories so that you can enjoy BraveNine Story more easily. Reorganizing the story and the lines in a lighter way, reducing the number of characters, and simplifying the growth system were also intended to reach more users easily. However, the dev team is aware that such intentions are not sufficiently conveyed, and is considering various ways to improve the game.

In the future, we will add various contents and reinforce the completeness of the story so that the unique charm of "BraveNine Story" can stand out.

Q: Is there a fixed update schedule? It's so random!

A: The update cycle is monthly (4 weeks), and the update day is Tuesday.

Dec 20 > Jan 17 > Feb 14 > Mar 21

However, in March, there were a lot of guild-related developments, so the update was postponed for a week. After the guild update, we will update again every 4 weeks. The reason why the Update Note is posted as a secret post first is because we have to check on the proper output on mobile and translations. We are sorry for the inconvenience. In the case of update notes/patch notes, we planned on release them a week before the update, but we will notify you as soon as possible as we have done organizing the contents to be released.

Q: The update takes too long. Can you please update more often?

A: Considering the current post-development process such as the composition of the development team, translation, and QA, it is difficult to divide the update into two parts, and it is judged that there may be a problem with stability if the development period is shortened.

We believe that the lack of contents is also the cause of feeling that once-a-month update is slow. Therefore, we will add various contents to enjoy so that you won’t feel bored waiting for the update.

In addition, other improvements will be prioritized and included in the update sequentially.

Q: How is storytelling different from the original? Is it a parallel world?

A: Basically, the worldview and big-flow events are based on the original Brave Nine, but I believe you know that the characters' personalities and the episodes they go through are very different. Therefore, it seems inappropriate to call it a parallel world. In other words, in the original Brave Nine, players are watching the mercenary group from far away and its story flows quickly focusing on big events. On the other hand, in the BraveNine Story, players came a little closer to the mercenary group encountering small episodes together. However, we would like to inform you in advance that in the process of progressing the story in the future, it may not follow the original flow of Brave Nine.

Please look forward to the unique story of 'Brave Nine Story'.

Q: When will new mercenaries come out? I hope to enjoy new strategies with new mercenaries.

A: In the case of BraveNine Story, frequent mercenary updates are avoided to ensure the character's charm and skill identity as much as possible. However, as you said, we strongly agree that the new mercenaries create diversity in strategies. Rather than frequently releasing new mercenaries, we plan to add several mercenaries with each update at once. We believe that the next new mercenary group could be introduced in May.

Q: Do you have any plan of adding new Brave Nine mercenaries?

A: We plan to select and add characters that are highly relevant to the storyline of BraveNine Story and attractive among the original characters.

In the process, characters who were Companion in the original work may also be added as mercenaries in ‘BraveNine Story’.

We ask for your continuous interest.

Q: Only few Soul Stones can be obtained from the ‘Adventure Book’. When will the other mercenaries’ Soul Stone be added?

A: The route to obtain Soul Stone will be gradually added in the next ‘Adventure Book’ update. Considering the connection with the story, all mercenaries could not be applied at the same time, and we believe that this has caused you inconvenience.

We plan to continue to increase the supply of Soul Stone, and we will provide a way to quickly obtain the desired mercenary's Soul Stone through a Chance Up event in the summon menu.

Q: I sometimes get gears that I already have as a story reward. How do I deal with unnecessary gears?

A: In the case of Adventure Book story rewards, the rewards are composed mainly of the main character mercenary so that you can grow them while playing the story. This phenomenon seems to have occurred because each captain has a different growth stage for mercenaries. In this regard, we are reviewing the reorganization of compensation and we will add ways to manage the unused gears in the future.

We would like to inform you in advance that you can use unnecessary gear as a material for equipment enhancement scheduled for the March update.

Q: It seems that the Sincerity system needs improvements.

A: We agree that there’s need of improvement in interactions and stats obtained from Sincerity system. The reorganization of stat compensation will be applied first in this March update. However, it is difficult to improve the interaction right now because adding new contents and fixing bugs are the first priority for the update. We will notify you as soon as the details and schedule of update once it is confirmed. and we will actively take your opinions into account when planning on improvements.

Q: The description of the mercenary skill is insufficient.

A: We thought that the more detailed the description of the skill, the more complicated it would be. However, it was rather causing inconvenience to many captains.

We plan to improve on the stat and skill information of mercenaries soon. Thank you for your patience.

Q: The Arena takes too long and it gets boring. Can’t I skip it?

A: We received a lot of feedback that the Arena gets bored as it takes too long. We are positively reviewing the skip function and will find and apply appropriate measures. Currently, the main content is the Arena, so there seem to be many captains who are tired of PvP. Through future updates, we will do our best to provide you with various things to enjoy besides competitive content.

Q: How do I deal with the Soul Stone of a mercenary that has been fully enhanced? Can I exchange with another mercenary?

A: Soul stones are currently used only for skill enhancement, but will be used as additional growth of mercenaries in the future. In the case of ‘BraveNine Story', as the number of characters is limited and each mercenary is considered the same value, we ask for your understanding that we are not currently considering on replacing Soul Stones with other mercenaries.

Q: I'm running out of Slime and Gold!

A: The development team is aware of the issue and plans to gradually increase the amount and number of acquisitions. First, the Slime dungeon was opened at all times in the February update so that Slime can be easily obtained, and after that, we will reorganize the Substory so that you can stably acquire the currencies that you lack.

Q: Do you have any plans to reorganize existing products or release new packages?

A: We're planning to renew our overall products, including Book Club and Pass. We will inform you of the details as soon as the reorganization is fixed.

Q: Is there an official community?

A: Currently, we are running social media including Facebook and Twitter, but we do agree with the need for a place where users can freely exchange information.

As soon as the service is stabilized, we will try to promote the game through various channels and activate the community.

Q: Can I change my nickname?

A: We will try to add an item that can change the Army’s Name in the future.

Q: There are still many difficult stages. I think adjustment in difficulty level is necessary.

A: In the case of difficulty, we determine whether adjustment is necessary or not based on the number of challenges and clear data of the stage.

When the guild system is added in March, you will be able to use the grown mercenaries of the guild members, and we will continue to review adjustments of difficulty through continuous monitoring.

Q: There's nothing to buy in a Variety Shop/Friendship Shop, and it's so uncomfortable.

A: The dev team is also aware of a number of inconveniences in the shop.

We will soon improve the product and convenience through the overall renewal of the shop.

In the case of Friendship Shop, we minimized the product composition and point consumption because there were not so many captains with many friends at the opening of the game. We will improve on various functions in line with the product renewal, so please wait a little bit. We will improve the inconvenience received through this Q&A event in the later updates.

Q: Are the Six Devils much stronger than other mercenaries?

A: As with all mercenaries, performance is relative depending on the situation or opponent. It is not designed to be much stronger than other mercenaries because they are Six Devils. However, since it is difficult to obtain compared to other mercenaries, we are paying attention to guarantee its unique function.

Q: How is the order of attack determined between the opponent and me in the Arena?

A: Allies always attack first in the Arena. Afterwards, allies and enemies attack in turns, but not always one turn at a time.

In the case of the Supporter type, it supports an ally on the next turn and passes the turn to the ally. In the case of Magician type, it attacks every 2 rounds, so it doesn't attack in the round it casts, and passes the turn to the next ally in turn.

It seems that the description of battles and skills was lacking, causing various inconveniences.

In the future, we will improve the convenience so that you can check the guide on the battle in the game.

Q: Can you reveal the formula for calculating damage?

A: Here is the formula for calculating damage.

Please refer to the information below.

Crit Chance/(25000+Crit Chance) = Crit Chance Occurrence Probability

Dodge Chance/(7500+Dodge) = Dodge Chance Occurrence Probability

Physical Defense/(60000+Physical Defense) = Physical damage reduced by the corresponding %

Magic Defense/(20000+Magic Defense) = Magic damage reduced by the corresponding %

({Duration/(9000+Duration)} + 1) × Buff Duration = Actual Buff Duration

(Bless is the same as Duration, and the value of Heal/Shield fluctuates. Bless and Duration may be less than 100%.)

50% of each stat

Crit Chance: 25000

Dodge Chance: 7500

Physical Defense: 60000

Magic Defense: 20000

Duration, Bless: 9000 (applied at 150%)

Penetration serves to reduce the corresponding Defenses by a numerical value.

The formula is as above. BraveNine Story is aiming for an easy battle, so we excluded the explanation of formulas that may seem difficult to understand when marked in detail.

However, there are many captains who are familiar with the existing combat formula, and we have heard many opinions that it’s uncomfortable and difficult because the formula is not visible.

We will review on providing more intuitive skill descriptions (e.g., changing parts that can be replaced with %) in the game.

Q: Please add more game modes. There’s lack of contents.

A: ‘BraveNine Story’ wanted to create a cycle of mercenary growth through simple contents such as Adventure Book, Substory, and Arena. However, in the case of Adventure Book and Substory, although the number of stages is not small, they are one-time contents and the actual main content is only the arena right now, so you may have felt bored. We will continue to add new contents/modes in the future, including the Guild system in March, and 7th Volume of the Adventure Book in April. Thank you so much for your patience.

Q: Do you have any plans in adding new modes or challenges? For example, a mode that should only be cleared using certain mercenary types or ranks.

A: It seems that you have given an opinion about the challenge mode in which you have to attack under limited conditions. First of all, you will be able to feel similar challenges in the Guild Adventures that will be updated in March. Also, we will continue to add a variety of contents that will allow you to enjoy the fun of tactics.

Q: I hope mercenaries can be customized by adding Runes or attributes.

A: We will positively review the customization through additional growth factors of mercenaries. In the future, we plan to update in the way that can allow players to be attached to one mercenary and focus on the growth of their attached mercenary rather than growing a large number of mercenaries. Please stay tuned with us.

Q: Where do you see BraveNine Story in 5 years?

A: What the dev. team thinks of BraveNine Story after 5 years is, in a word, a bookshelf full of books. We would like to continue to provide things to read and enjoy to captains all around the world with various contents including Adventure Book and Substory.