March Update Schedule Notice

22 Feb 2023


This is BraveNine Story team.


For captains who are waiting for the March update,

We would like to inform you of the upcoming update schedule and details.

■ Update Note Release Date: March 7

■ Update Schedule: March 21

We apologize for the delay in the March update.

Please take note that the schedule is subject to change depending on the development situation.


<March Update Details>

1. Guild System

A Guild System will be added.

If you join a guild, you will be able to hire a mercenary registered by another guild member to fight in the battle.

Guild members’ mercenaries are not available in use in the Story mode and in the Arena.


2. Guild Adventure

A Guild Adventure that can be enjoyed in the guild will be added.

Guild Adventure is a content in which each guild member can proceed with 10 consecutive battles.

The mercenary's HP is not recovered even after the battle, and mercenaries who are down in the battle cannot be used in the next battle.

You can purchase various buffs for the battle in the shops that you can encounter during the process.

Use appropriate buffs for your mercenary group to win and earn rewards.

As a battle victory reward, you can acquire various gears and gold.


3. Legendary Mercenary Balance Adjustment


The balance of Nartas and Celia, Magician-type mercenaries, will be adjusted.


Nartas is a mercenary who attacks a long straight range, but there were many situations where he could not deal with enemies even if he succeeded in attacking them due to his insufficient damage.

We will be increasing his Magic ATK power ratio so that he could deal effective damage to other types of mercenaries, although the DMG may be not large enough to kill the Defender type.

The elimination skills were enhanced only at a high skill level, so the skill enhancement level will be adjusted so that the skills could be slowly enhanced from the middle stages.

The amount of Damage received will also be slightly increased, allowing him to deal more damage to enemies that do not have a blocking effect.


Celia is a mercenary who spreads multiple Debuffs in a wide area, but it was difficult for her to apply appropriate Debuffs due to Eunice and John’s increased usage rate.

Since she is a mercenary who attacks the widest range, we were careful in her adjustment, but her value was relatively low compared to the fact that we have to wait for 2 rounds in order for her to activate skills, so we decided to increase the amount of her Debuff effect.

Enhancement efficiency will also be improved, so that a much stronger effect can be expected at higher enhancement levels. Also, additional effects are obtained from ★10.


4. Adjustment of Army’s Level and Mercenary Level EXP Value Requirements

We will be adjusting the Army’s level and EXP value range of the mercenary level.

Leveling up in the beginning will be significantly faster, and the amount of EXP needed at high levels will be increased.


5. Change in Damage Amount Depending on the Level Gap

A new combat system will be added to create a DMG gap based on the mercenary level.

Damage will vary according to the level gap between mercenaries in battle.

- Final damage = Damage × {100% + (Attacker’s Mercenary Level – Defender’s Mercenary Level) × 1%}

(Detailed figures are subject to change during development.)


6. April Fools’ Day Costume


7. Other Improvements and Bug Fixes


<April Update Preview>


- Adventure Book – Book. 7 will be added

Be prepared for the stories of various new characters.


- Acquisition routes for latter VIOLET gears and YELLOW RANK gears will be added as new regions appear.


<Dear Captains>

We are always checking on all of your opinions that you send to us through various channels including the Customer Center.

Depending on the development priority, the order of updates may vary and some feedback is difficult to respond quickly, but we will try our best to reflect your opinions as much as possible in the game.

We will continue to do our best to provide a fun experience and stable gaming environment to our captains who love BraveNine Story.


Yours faithfully,

BraveNine Story team