Dec. 8th Temporary Maintenance Notice

7 Dec 2022

Hello. This is BraveNine Story team.

There will be a temporary maintenance to fix some known issues on December 8, 2022 (KST).
Please refer to the information below.

[Maintenance Period]
Dec. 8, 2022 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. (90 mins) (KST)

[Update Details]

1. Change of rewards in the Substory ‘Grand Championship’ (Hard/Very Hard modes)

- The additional reward for Hard/Very Hard modes has been changed to Gold.
- You can obtain a large amount of gold from Hard/Very Hard modes instead of the original reward.

We’ve been getting feedbacks from captains about the lack of gold.
We will improve on the supply of gold through various ways.

2. Added information on items that can be obtained from each Substories in the Bookshelf

We made it easier to recognize the items that can be obtained from Normal, Hard, and Very Hard modes.

3. Fixed the Auto Skip function in the Arena (Automatically ends after 15 rounds)
- After 15 rounds in the Arena, no further battles will be displayed.
- You can replay skipped battles through Arena Replay.

4. Fixed crash error happened in the Adventure book – Very Hard 17-2

5. Fixed the error on abnormal operation of the enemy, Deka's skill

6. Eased the difficulty level of the Adventure Book by modifying the skills of some enemies.

To make the adventure easier from the Normal and higher modes,
we have changed the skills of some enemies and eased the difficulty.

- Damage reduction of enemies with Decomposition/Poison skills (Normal 5-6 and other stages)
- Decreased HP recovery amount of the enemy ‘Archpriest’ (Normal 12-6 and other stages)
- Decreased the ATK Boost of the enemy ‘Assault Obelisk’ (Normal 25-6 and other stages)

[Other process]
- Data deletion of the permanently banned user.

We will do our best to provide you with better service.
Thank you.

BraveNine Story team