[Six Devils Profile - 1] Refithea (2023.01.17 Updated)

12 Dec 2022

1. Profile

Height4 ft
BirthdayJune 27
LikesGlutti, recently harvested honey
NoteShe hasn’t seen snow yet. 

2. Story

A fairy who is called the ‘Gluttonous’. She was a princess of the Fairy Kingdom that has now disappeared. She has taken refuge alone to the human world alone to escape from the disaster facing the kingdom. Although she has lived for hundreds of years, she has the body and spirit of a child as a human being.
It is known that she was one of the members of the Six Devils involved in the Day of the Eclipse, but it is unknown why fairy Refithea became involved in the war of humans.

She always carries a spirit called ‘Glutti’ and she usually uses it only to scare people. However, in battles, she uses Glutti to mesmerize the opponents or to purify the allies.

While she was living in an old castle and spending time playing tricks on people who occasionally visit the castle, she meets the captain and his group. As soon as she saw captain, she called him her husband and showed him her aggressive affection. However, she is very disappointed with captain who is just panicking with her action. 

3. Stats (Standard: VIOLET Rank Level 20) 

4. Skills(Standard: 1★)

* You can buy Six Devils’ Soul Stones from the Ancient Coin Shop.

* You need 100 Soul Stones to recruit Six Devils.