[Six Devils Profile - 5] Angelica (2023.01.17 Updated)

18 Dec 2022

1. Profile

Height5.3 ft
BirthdayJuly 7
LikesDawn walk, chamomile tea
NoteShe’s too strict to herself that she sometimes doesn’t like her personality.

2. Story

A nun who is called the 'Fallen’. She was in charge of protecting the sealed Evil Sword in the Arclight Order. One day, one of the two swords disappeared and she faces the danger of being executed for failing to fulfill her guardian's duties. Angelica, who managed to survive with the help of a man who appeared just in time, decides to search for the missing Evil Sword to regain her honor and preserve the peace of the order.

She doesn’t like to be involved in a fight, but when she has no choice, she shows a ruthless slash, cutting her opponent down with a single sword. Or maybe, she is giving mercy so that the opponent won’t feel pain.
No one can be called a friend, but she has an infinite trust on her companions who fought together in the Day of the Eclipse.


3. Stats (Standard: VIOLET Rank Level 20)

4. Skills(Standard: 1★)

* You can buy Six Devils’ Soul Stones from the Ancient Coin Shop.

* You need 100 Soul Stones to recruit Six Devils.