Dec. 2nd Temporary Maintenance Notice

1 Dec 2022

Hello. This is BraveNine Story team.

There will be a temporary maintenance to fix some known issues on December 2, 2022 (KST).
Please refer to the information below.

[Maintenance Period]
Dec. 2, 2022 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. (90 mins) (KST)

[Update Details]

1. Eased Story mode battle difficulty (except Substory)

We have received various opinions about the difficulty of the battle from our captains.
We have lowered the overall difficulty level for smoother play.

2. Change in Summon menu open condition (Adventure Book 2-6)

Summon menu open condition has changed in line with the opening of the Normal mode where players can use the summoned mercenaries.

3. Change in Arena open condition (Adventure Book 5-8)

In order for our captains to enjoy the Arena content more quickly, we have moved up the Arena open condition.

4. Error fixation on temporary crashes that occur after Round 15 in the battle

The battle automatically ends after 15th round and the system determines the victory or defeat, but we have found out that some stages had an issue with the system so we’ve fixed this error.

5. Fixed the issue of not being able to enter the Hard mode in Adventure Book – Book. 2 and later chapters.

6. Blocked on selling Captain’s gears

Captain’s gear acquisition route is limited, so it cannot be obtained if sold.
To prevent mistakes, we blocked the selling system of captain’s gears.

[Other process]
- Data deletion of the permanently banned user.

We will do our best to provide you with better service.
Thank you.

BraveNine Story Team