December 2022 Update Notes

12 Dec 2022

Hello. This is BraveNine Story Team.

Thank you so much for your interest and support despite various shortcomings after the official release.

We have been checking your opinions through various channels and we will try our best to improve our game.

We are very pleased to announce the update note for December 20th

We will inform you of a detailed update schedule through future maintenance announcements.

1. ‘Christmas Hiring’ Substory

Mercenaries received a request from a mysterious Santa(?). They headed to the meeting point with full of excitement.

However, what they’ve met are goblins dressed as Santa and received a mysterious letter. What is Santa up to?

2. Christmas Substory Event

A Christmas Substory Event will be held for two weeks after the update.

Clear the event mission during the event and win Captain’s Christmas Costume.

Also, you can earn gold through repetitive play of Normal-Very Hard modes.

*In the case of Event Substory, Normal/Hard/Very Hard modes will be closed after the event, so please make sure to challenge various stages during the event period and try to win various rewards.

3. Christmas Lobby

We have decorated the lobby so that you can feel the Christmas atmosphere.

Check out Elin's Christmas lines too!

4. Christmas Costume

3 Christmas Costumes will be added

1) Christmas Captain

You can obtain it by clearing event missions

2) Rudolph Beatricé

You can get it from the Costume Shop.

3) Christmas Lucrezia

You can  get it from the Costume Shop.

5. Relay Check-in Events

Relay Check-in Events will be held during the year-end and New Year holidays.

Check in every day and receive all the gifts.

1) Christmas Check-in Event

2) 2023 Countdown Check-in Event

3) 2023 Happy New Year Check-in Event

6. Other improvements

1) Eased the difficulty level of Adventure Book - Normal mode.

We lowered the monster level after chapter 12 of the Normal mode.

The monsters’ overall ability decreases as their level goes down.

2) Improvement of crafting UI and movements

The crafting UI has been improved in a way that you can see the item crafting tree at a glance. We have removed the steps that showed the description of the lower-level item.

- When crafting gears, you can check the ability of the item you want to craft in advance.

- The required gold is displayed for each stage of item crafting, and if you do not have enough gold, the required gold is displayed in red.

- Item Drop Area Preview displays acquired star and drop item information.

3) Bookmark function improvement

You can now use the bookmark function in Story Mode.

On the left tab, select the difficulty mode and touch the bookmark button to jump to the stage you need to clear. It will move you to the next to the last stage you have cleared.

Even if the last stage is located in a different BOOK, you can easily move to the stage.

ex) Moving to Book. 2 Normal mode 2-1 from Book 4 Story mode 16-3

4) Modification of Arena Daily Rewards

We have modified the daily rewards that were set more than higher ranks in certain ranks.

The overall gold reward amount has been slightly increased.

5) Increased battle speed

We have increased the battle speed for all ×1/×2/×3 Speed

6) Other improvements and bug fixes

- App crash that happened during Free Summon.

- The issue in which the Arena daily rewards were given as the one place lower rewards

- Natalie being exposed as another monster in Very Hard Chapter 27.

- Fixed the second skill tooltip of the captain which lacked explanation.

- The issue in which other players are displayed as WHITE Rank when checking the mercenary information.

- You can now check the Sincerity EXP in the battle result.

- Conditions on when the skills are unlocked are now more recognizable .


- Replaced backgrounds and BGMs that do not fit in some stories.

- Fixed typos identified

Enjoy the fun and happy Christmas with BraveNine Story.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


BraveNine Story