January 2023 Update Notes

4 Jan 2023


This is BraveNine Story team.

We hope that all your wishes will come true in the new year, 2023.

May the New Year bring you happiness, peace, and prosperity.

We are very pleased to announce the update note for January 17th.

We have made several balance adjustments from the opening, but we have got the opinions from our captains and checked that there are captains who are still struggling with progressing the game..

For this, we will be significantly adjusting the difficulty level of the Adventure Book so that our captains can easily progress with the story and collect growth materials more smoothly.

Furthermore, there will be a large-scale balance adjustment for the existing mercenaries and addition of new mercenaries.

We will inform you of a detailed update schedule through future maintenance announcements.

1. New Mercenaries

Alche, Dwen, Vermont will be added as new mercenaries. After the update, you can obtain Soul Stones that allow you to recruit new mercenaries and additional Soul Stones can be obtained through a limited-time Summon Chance UP and new Packages.

Here is the brief skill information for each mercenary.

1) Alche

She has the skills best for eliminating Defense type mercenaries.

2) Dwen

He inflicts great effects on enemies with many Buffs.

3) Vermont

He has the ability to become stronger as he gets attacked.

2. ‘Girl and the Beast’ Substory

Why did Alche, Dwen and Vermont head to Allan? Meet the exciting adventure story set in Allan.

You can continuously obtain Sincerity Gift through repeated play of the ‘Girl and the Beast’ Substory.

3. New Mercenary Soul Stone Summon Chance UP

A special summon menu will be added in which you can have higher chances of summoning the new mercenaries' Soul Stones. It is available from the [New Mercenary] tab in the [Summon] menu.

Summon Chance UP is for a limited-time only.

* New Mercenary Soul Stone Chance Up is also applied to [Free Summon] in the [New Mercenary] tab. During the New Mercenary Summon Chance UP period, you can proceed with both of the New Mercenary Summon Chance UP free summon and the existing [Free Summon].

4. Arena Season 1 officially begins

The Arena Pre-season ends and the Season 1 officially begins. Season rewards of the Pre-season will be distributed during the January update maintenance period. After the update, you can receive the season rewards of the pre-season once you enter the Arena.

5. New Costumes

Along with Alche & Dewen's new costume, traditional costumes of the existing mercenaries are added.

1) Alche

You can obtain it by exchanging with Costume Bookmarks claimed from the Check-in Event

2) Foxy
You can get it from the Costume Shop.

3) Iris

You can get it from the Costume Shop.

4) Rigenette

You can get it from the Costume Shop.

5) Nartas

You can get it from the Costume Shop.

6. Alche New Mercenary Costume Exchange Event

To celebrate the addition of Alche as a new mercenary, a costume exchange event will be held.

If you check in during the event period, you can get New Year's Costume Bookmarks.

You can exchange the Alche’s Costume with the acquired Costume Bookmarks.

7. New Year’s Check-in Event

A special Check-in Event will be held to celebrate the new year.

If you check in every day during the event period, you can receive a gift for each day.

You can obtain Gold or Diamonds once you sell the obtained purse during the event.

Gold Purse: Sell to earn 200,000 Gold

Diamond Purse: Sell to earn 1,000 Diamonds

8. Adventure Balance Adjustment

The overall difficulty level of the Adventure Book is greatly adjusted.

The Normal mode is where captains acquire basic items for growth with their mercenaries, but due to difficulty hurdles, many of our captains have a hard time in obtaining necessary gears and in growing their mercenaries.

Therefore, through this update, we will be adjusting the overall difficulty level so that you can enjoy the farming and growing mercenaries at the same time.

The main lines of the adjustment are as follows.

     1) Changed the Normal mode number of enemies and arrangements

Now, 8 enemies will be deployed in the Normal mode.

Attacking many enemies may give you the fun of tactics, but we have concluded that attacking too many enemies gives you more of the unpleasantness or tiredness.

In addition, although there is a puzzle element, tiredness from predicting the long attack sequence existed. To reduce the fatigue, we have limited the number of enemies to fit the name of Normal mode.

     2) Changed the enemy skills

Now, enemies will appear with only the core skills.

In the past, like the mercenaries, the enemies used three skills that worked in combination to show their identity.

This may have been a good way to establish each enemy’s individuality, but it served as a barrier for new captains to get used to the battle.

Therefore, we have limited the number of enemy’s skills and simplified the complicated skill activation without significantly compromising the balance.

     3) Reduced the frequency of Crit Chance/Dodge Chance skills

Even though you already know the strategy, you may have experienced a disruption of your tactics due to the death of an ally mercenary because of the enemy’s Crit Chance or Dodge Chance.

To reduce the negative experience of simply repeating the battle by relying on probability, we have reduced the frequency of Crit Chance and Dodge Chance as much as possible.

9. Mercenary Balance Adjustment

Overall ability and skill adjustments have been made to balance the capability of mercenaries and to give them more clear identities.

The major contents of balance adjustment are as follows:

1) Eliminated the excessive focus on specific Supporter types in the battle.

2) Eliminated the issue in which Magic type is excluded in the battle.

3) Resolved the issue in which only specific Defense type and Jayden is used in the battle.

4) Resolved the issue in which some mercenaries do not use Magic ATK

5) Reduced the ability and skill difference among Six Devils.

We will provide more detailed information about the balance adjustment through a separate notice as soon as possible.

10. Crafting Cost Discount Event

Crafting Cost Discount Event will be held after the January maintenance until the next regular maintenance.

You can craft your gear with 50% discounted gold price.

We hope that this will give you an opportunity to grow various mercenaries by acquiring crafting materials from the eased Adventure Book.

11. Other improvements and bug fixes

1) Gold as a fixed reward in the Arena

Gold will be added as a reward for the Arena battles.

You can obtain 1,000 - 5,000 Gold per battle regardless of the Arena rank.

2) The battle will end immediately after Round 6 in the Arena. You can replay the battle after it ends.

3) Your Rank will be more visible in the Arena.

4) You can now sort your mercenaries by Rank/★Star/Level.

- Bug Fixes

1) An issue in which Iris’s Cutie Power works for 2 turns at ★9

2) An issue in which Eunice’s Relaxation Potion increases Bless instead of Duration.

3) An issue in which Sweep Tickets could be used in Substory Hard mode even though you have used up all the number of battles.

4) An issue in which the Achievement “How far have you been III” is not properly connected to the particular clear stage.

5) An issue in which the unsupported menu (Battle > Friend Mercenary) is displayed.