February 2023 Update Notes

30 Jan 2023


This is BraveNine Story team.


It feels like we celebrated the New Year a few days ago, but a month has already passed.

Waiting for the spring to come, we are very pleased to announce the Update scheduled for the 3rd week of February.



1. New Captains’ 7-Day Mission

- Limited-time missions will be added in which all new captains can participate for 7 days after creating the account.

- You can check the mission from the banner on the left side of the main lobby.

- Existing captains can participate in the event and earn rewards, just like new captains.

- The mission tab is unlocked every day over 7 days, and clear missions and claim individual rewards.

- Collect mission points by clearing missions to claim interim rewards.

- You can receive [Angelica Soul Stone x100] as the final reward and recruit the mercenary right away.

- You cannot check or claim rewards after 7 days from the start of the mission, as the mission automatically ends after 7 days.

2. Valentine's Check-in Reward (Reward per log-in time)

In celebration of Valentine's Day, a chocolate box will be added in the lobby. You can obtain gifts every day after a certain amount of time passes based on the first check-in time.

- Rewards are renewed every day at 00:00 (KST), and you can claim rewards at certain times every day. The event will continue until the next maintenance.

  • Rewards per log-in time

3. Valentine’s Costume Update

1) Valentine’s Bathory

- You can obtain it from the Valentine’s Check-in Event

"Too much chocolate orders! It’s out of control! I might even need the help from cats!"

2) Valentine’s Dwen

- You can get it from the Costume Shop.

"Hmm, I can't tell you who I'll be meeting."

3) Valentine’s Glacia

- You can get it from the Costume Shop.

“Didn’t you know that? Only cats can melt my heart!”

4. Costume Package

- You can now choose to purchase costumes as a package or as a single item.

- The Costume Package includes items such as Diamonds and Soul Stones.

- Once you purchase the single item, you cannot purchase the package products because you already have the costume, so please be aware of this before buying the product. (Costumes you already own cannot be purchased as a package product.)

5. Valentine's Check-in Event

In celebration of Valentine's Day, the Check-in Event where you can acquire Costumes and Soul Stones will be held.

If you log in every day during the event period, you can obtain the ‘Valentine’s Bathory’ Costume and [Bathory] Soul Stone.

6. New Sweeping Rewards

Slime and gifts that can be obtained only through sweeping will be added so that you can earn mercenary EXP and Sincerity EXP when you sweep stages.

- You can only get the sweep-only rewards through sweeping stages, and you cannot sell those rewards.

- In the case of sweep-only Slime rewards, gold is not consumed for use.

7. Added Soul Stone Acquisition Route (Adventure Book > Very Hard)

- Some mercenary Soul Stones can be acquired from Very Hard mode in the Adventure Book. (Excluding Captain, and Six Devils)

- Some of the items previously dropped in the area have been replaced with Soul Stones.

- Soul Stone drop area (Adventure Book > Very Hard)

- Tap on the Mercenary’s Soul Stone to move directly to the drop area.

8. Renewal and permanent opening of Substory ‘That Time I Got Reassigned as a Slime Slayer’

- The 30-day event Substory after creating the account has been changed to a permanent Substory and this allows you to continue farming slime.

- All modes will be opened even after 30 days of the event.

- The slime drop rate has been raised to enhance the permanent farming function of the Substory.

9. Permanent Crafting Cost Discounts

- To alleviate the burden of crafting gears for captains, we have decided to offer permanent discounts on crafting costs. The currently applied crafting cost will be maintained even after the update.

10. Mercenary Balance adjustment

11. Arena Adjustment

- Arena season ends on the last day of each month and starts on the 1st of the following month.

- Victory Points earned after winning will be increased.

  • You will get more Victory Points if you win against a captain with higher Victory Points than you.
  • You will get fewer Victory Points if you win against a captain with lower Victory Points than you.

- Victory Points lost when defeated will be decreased.

  • You will lose fewer Victory Points if you lose to a captain with higher Victory Points than you.
  • You will lose more Victory Points if you lose to a captain with lower Victory Points than you.

- The frequency of encountering bots in the arena will be lower than before.

- When you meet bots in the arena, you will encounter bots of the same Rank as you.

- Victory Points for winning against bots have been increased.

12. Improvements on [Friends] Functions

- Sending Friendship Point will be reset every day at midnight (KST).

- 20 recommended friends will be now displayed in [Find Friends] tab.

- [Find Friends] refresh cycle time is reduced to 1 second.

- You can now send Friend Request from other players’ [Captain’s Notebook].

13. Other Improvements

- ‘Participate in the Arena’ will be added to the daily mission.

- Free Summon resets twice a day at midnight and noon.

- Wiggle, which appears as an enemy on a Hard mode, has been adjusted from 10★ to 2★.

- You can receive push notifications when Ink and Arena Swords are fully charged, when the shop and Free Summon are initialized, and when check-in rewards are available.

- You can check the number of battles and the amount of Ink remaining when you tap the Retry button.

- When you After proceeding with the battle through [Craft gear item] > Drop Area, and return to the [Craft gear item] screen, previously entered stage is maintained

- The number of remaining battles in the Drop Area from the [Craft gear item] will be displayed. (Hard/Very Hard)

- You can filter the Drop Area from the [Craft gear item] by its mode.

(You can change the modes by pressing the displayed button.)

- Image-formatted [Help] is added to early battles, mercenary management, Shop and Summon. It is automatically output on the first entry and can be checked again later by tapping the question mark button.

14. Bug Fixes

- Fixed an intermittent error in the battle results when the Refithea was deployed.

- Fixed an intermittent change in battle results when the mercenary with a Knock-back skill was deployed.

- Fixed the phenomenon of meeting an opponent with zero point in the Arena.

- Fixed an issue where Alec's ‘Power Beyond Limits’ skill did not activate.

- Fixed an issue where no skills are enhanced at 5★ Granhildr.

- Fixed an issue where no skills are enhanced at 8★ Zenith.

- Fixed an issue where the rewards for Alche’s Substory Hard/Very Hard modes were relatively small compared to the rewards of the Normal mode.

- Sweeping result will be displayed in two lines to fix the issue where some items from the Sweeping result are not exposed properly. (The issue is not related to actual item acquisition.)

<March Update Notice>

We are planning to update the Guild system in March.

Through the Guild update, we are preparing for various contents that captains can enjoy with guild members, so please look forward to it.

Thank you.