March 2023 Update Notes

13 Feb 2023


This is BraveNine Story team.

A new spring season has already come.

We hope that spring can make your days better, brighter, and warmer.

Thanks to all your support, BraveNine Story is celebrating its 100th day anniversary.

We will continue to work hard to provide you better service and stable gaming environment.

Here's the update scheduled for March 21st.

As new guild contents will be added in March update,

We believe that we can you with more entertainment.

We will inform you of the detailed schedule through a separate maintenance notice.

1. Guild System

A Guild System will be added. You can enjoy guild contents by creating and joining a guild. You will be able to rent and use another guild member’s mercenary.

You can enter Guild through Lobby > [More] menu.

1) Creating and Joining a Guild

You can create guild at account level 30.

400,000 Gold is consumed when creating a guild.

The criteria for joining are different according to the criteria set by each guild, and are divided to Open Guild and Approval needed Guild.

A maximum of 30 guild members can participate in the guild.

2) Guild Points

Guild points that can be used in guild adventures will be added.

Guild Points can be earned by guild check-in, and can be used to purchase useful buffs in Guild Adventures.

3) Guild Invitation

You can invite people to your guild from their profile.

4) Dispatch and Mercenary Rent

You can lend your mercenaries to other guild members through the guild dispatch feature.

If you send off a mercenary, you will earn 1 guild point per minute, and if another guild member uses my mercenary, you will earn additional guild points. Guild points accumulate up to 100,000 and can be received through the Return function.

You can use other guild members' mercenaries in battles excluding Story mode/Arena.

Guild mercenaries are not included in the nine-unit limit. Once used, mercenaries cannot be used again, and the number of uses is initialized at 15:00 (UTC) every day.

When using a guild mercenary, a certain amount of gold is consumed based on the mercenary's growth status, and the guild points earned by dispatched guild members increase.

After dispatching mercenaries, they cannot be returned for 10 minutes.

5) Guild Ranking

The guild ranking is calculated in proportion to the activities of the guild members.

Rankings will not be applied in this update, and we will provide additional details about rankings in the future.

2. Guild Adventure

Adventure contents that can be enjoyed in the guild will be added. Guild Adventure is not a cooperative content, but the scores of individual guild members are added to the total score to determine the guild ranking.

1) Process

Guild adventures are reset every day so you can progress with the adventure every day.

It is divided into a battle stage and a shop stage, and the HP of the mercenary used is maintained. Depending on the stage, weakening/enhancing effects are applied to the opponent.

If you lose a battle with only the Supporter left, the Supporter will be considered dead.

If you have completed more than 8 stages the previous day, you can use the skip function to obtain rewards up to stage 7 at once. During this process, you will not be able to use the shops that you have skipped.

2) Adventure Shop

You can buy one of the three buffs that are available on the shop stage. Buying buffs consumes guild points, and you can pass this stage without purchasing any buffs. Acquired buffs are applied at the start of each battle.

(The system is under development. Please check the actual screen in the game after the update.)

3) Rewards

When you win in the battle stage, you can acquire Guild Ranking Points, Gold, Gear, Gear Blueprints, or Gear Pieces.

Depending on the battle stage, you can obtain Gold, Soul Ticket, and Ancient Coin.

3. Adjustment of EXP value

In order to provide a fast growth experience in the early stages, we have adjusted the EXP requirement for the level up of the Army and the mercenaries.

  • Current Lv. 9 required EXP -> Lv. 25+ can be achieved
  • After Lv. 80, more EXP value will be needed for level up.

4. Adjustment of Ink Charging Costs

The cost of charging the ink will change and the maximum number of recharges per day will change.

5. Combat Formula Changes

Damage is adjusted according to the level gap among mercenaries in the battle.

Final damage = Damage × {100% + (Attacker’s Mercenary Level – Defender’s Mercenary Level) × 1%}

6. Gear Enhancement

A system that can enhance worn gears will be added.

You can increase the ability of your gear by consuming the items you have.

A ‘Magic Stone’ that gives high EXP when enhancing gear will be added.

As the rank of the gear becomes higher, available number of enhancements increases so as the amount of ability that grow.

7. Daily Missions Changes

The conditions for Daily Missions have been eased, and a ‘Magic Stone’, which is an item used to enhance the gear, will be added to Daily Mission reward.

8. Improvement of Friendship Shop items

A higher-cost product will be added to the Friendship Shop.

A ‘Magic Stone’, an item used to enhance the gear, will be added to the Friendship Shop.

9. Sincerity Ability Improvements

- Sincerity stats which only provided HP/Physical Defense/Magic Defense will be changed.

- It is changed to provide the required ability for each mercenary.

10. April Fools' Day Check-in Event

April Fools' Day Check-in Event will be added.

Check in every day to receive [April Fools’ Day Dwen] Costume and Dwen’s Soul Stone.

11. April Fools’ Day Costumes

1) April Fools' Day Alec

"I don't care whether I'm a man or a woman. I'm the most powerful of all!"

2) April Fools' Day John

"Oh Eilexion, please don't put my patience to the test!"

3) April Fools' Day Dwen

"Nothing's different from usual. Except for a little stuffy chest."

4) April Fools' Day Ymir


12. Mercenary Balance Adjustment

13. Other improvements and bug fixes

- An issue in which ★10 Vermont’s “Old Man's Fighting Spirit” skill being applied to level × 20 instead of level × 250 will be fixed.

- An issue in which the Arena Season 1 record shown from the Captain’s Notebook is displayed as the pre-season rank will be fixed.

- An issue where Lucrezia skill #3 was applied as a buff will be fixed.

- Alec/Refithea’s DMG increase/decrease skill will be fixed so that it works properly.

- The Auto-deploy method will be changed so that Defender types can more easily protect allies.