April, 2023 Update Notes

2 Apr 2023


This is BraveNine Story team.

We are pleased to announce the Update scheduled for the April 11th.

Some of the screenshots of the new features we are introducing on this month's Update Notes are in Korean. This is because they are either still being developed or localized for the Global update. Thank you for your understanding.

1. Adventure Book 7

A new story of Adventure Book no. 7 will be added. Please look forward to the new story.

2. New Item/Rank

YELLOW-ranked items and acquisition paths wil be added, and a higher-rank combination will be added.

3. Switching to Story Mode

When entering the Adventure Book, Normal mode is exposed first, and Story Mode can be entered through a separate button.

The Stages of Story Mode open as you go through Normal mode, and the difficulty level will be adjusted so that you can focus on enjoying the story. Also, we will change the character in the story to NPC form so that we don't require specific character growth for Story mode. No more ink is required when playing the Story mode.

4. Substory Changes

The difficulty modes in Substory will no longer exist and Substory will be changed to a continuous stage form.

You can play according to the desired reward within the fixed number of substory plays.

In addition, the EXP value will be reorganized, and the amount of compensation for Substory was raised to facilitate the supply and demand of Slime and Gold.


5. 'Receive All' feature of Adventure log/Achievement/Collection

Adventure log/Achievement/Collection  page has been integrated into one. The Receive All button also allows you to receive all current rewards at once. If you have a lot of rewards to receive, there may be some loading time.

6. Battle UI Changes

During battle, the level will be displayed with the ability value and the way the ability value is displayed will be changed.

The Physical Defense/Magic Defense/Dodge Chance/Critit Chance/Bless/Duration capabilities are modified to show the currently applied figures in % form.

Increased capabilities due to multiple buffs/debuffs during battle will be shown in green and reduced capabilities will be shown in red.

7. New Daily Mission and Adjustment

New daily mission will be added according to the adjustment of the mercenary army's EXP and addition of new guild contents.

With the new daily missions, some of the existing daily missions that were difficult to achieve were also readjusted.

8. Free Ink in Shop

Free ink products will be added to the Gold Shop. Free ink, like free gold, can be purchased again after the shop list is renewed.

9. Adventure Book Balance Adjustment

As the Damage was adjusted according to the level gap among mercenaries in the last patch, there was a stage where the level of enemy mercenaries could hardly cause damage if they were high, making it impossible to proceed. So we have adjusted the level of all monsters to fix this issue.

10. Q&A Improvements

- Some display actions will become fast.

(Opening of the book, Level up, Level Up Ultra Success, etc.)

- Changing Mercenary name will be added.

- 3 Consecutive attack explanation will be added to Foxy and Wilhelmina's character information.

- Added function to skip battles when replaying the cleared Battle in Story Mode. Battles terminated using the skip function are not included in the Survivor achievements and the number of Daily Missions.

- Sorting by mercenary type will be added.

- The function to check the current mercenary army's EXP is added. You can see it when you are pressing the EXP bar.

- An illustration vertical view function will be added.

- An Arena Skip function will be added.

You can skip the battle you are watching through the Skip button when playing the Arena. If you set Auto Skip in the Settings menu, you will automatically skip all battles in the Arena.

- When you enter the Mercenary Management menu, the first page will be displayed instead of the last page you were seeing.

11. Fixation of Bugs and Improvements

- < > The button is modified larger when moving from Adventure Book to the previous/next stage.

- The issue of Lydia wearing a different mercenary costume is fixed.

- Tooltips from buffs/debuffs that apply to enemies in Guild Adventures will be modified to appear in % format.

- The reward screen output after the battle is improved. The reward will come out at once.

(This has already been applied, but it was omitted from the last update note.)

- The reward and mission of the 7-Day Mission for New Captains have been changed. The missions of the captains who are currently progressing with the mission will be initialized after the maintenance and will have to proceed from the beginning.

- An issue in which the duration of the stun does not increase even when Carlson's Body Slap is enhanced will be fixed.

- When using the dispatch feature, mercenaries will be sorted by their growth.

- If you hold on while pressing the gear enhance button, the material will be continuously added.

- The number of buffs available for purchase in Guild Adventures will be increased.

- The price of buffs that can be purchased at Guild Adventures has been lowered.

12. School Look Check-in Event

You can obtain Rigenette School Look Uniform through Check-in Event